Preventative Care

The Henrietta Animal Hospital Wellness Exam


A wellness examination is a complete "nose to tail" assessment of your pet. We recommend it annually for all dogs and cats younger than seven years old, and twice annually for those seven and older.

The wellness exam is a vital tool for preventive pet health care at all stages of life. If your pet is young and healthy, an annual wellness exam is a good way to detect subtle changes, such as weight gain or loss or dental disease, which may indicate a developing health problem. Early diagnosis and treatment of diseases can greatly improve the ultimate outcome as well as your pet’s overall health and well-being.


Wellness examinations vary depending on the species, age, and health needs of your pet. We will request a complete medical history of your pet. Make sure to fill out the forms thoroughly and bring a list of questions that you may have about your pet’s health. This is the perfect time to ask these questions. You live with your pet every day, so you are a big part of his or her wellness. We count on you to communicate with us as soon as possible about any changes in behavior, diet, or habit.

Our thorough wellness examination includes:


  • Eyes: checked for discharge, glaucoma, and cataracts

  • Ears: checked for infection, allergies or tumors

  • Mouth/throat: checked for odors, dental disease, malocclusion, or tumors

  • Gums: checked for hydration, tumors, or infection

  • Nose: checked for discharge or breathing problems

  • Lymph nodes: checked for swelling or pain

  • Heart and lungs: checked for heart rate, rhythm, murmurs, and breathing

  • Abdomen: palpated for signs of pain, organ enlargement or tumors

  • Joints: checked for pulses, pain, or signs of arthritis

  • Nervous system: checked for balance, spinal or neuromuscular disorders

  • Skin: checked for parasites, hair coat quality, or tumors

  • Weight: checked for weight loss or weight gain

  • Vital signs: checked for temperature, pulse and respiration


Regular diagnostic testing such as blood work, urinalysis, and stool analysis often can help detect early stages of disease that are not apparent on physical examination. Simple blood tests screen for heartworm, lyme, erlichia and anaplasmosis in dogs and for feline leukemia, feline immunodeficiency virus and heartworm in cats.


The blood test may include a complete blood cell count (CBC) and a chemistry panel. These tests can help determine if your pet has problems such as anemia, infection, or organ disease. Other tests, such as a thyroid evaluation, may be helpful, depending on the physical examination results and patient history.

Blood work also is essential to catching and treating many diseases that can be controlled more effectively if caught early. These include:


  • Kidney and liver disease

  • Gastrointestinal disorders

  • Thyroid disease

  • Cancers of the blood system

  • Diabetes

After the wellness exam, you will receive a report card highlighting our findings, with appropriate recommendations for your pet.


The goal of our wellness visit is to ensure that your pet lives a long and healthy life.

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