• Michelle Brownstein

A New Look for Henrietta Animal Hospital

It’s funny to think about now, but when I was graduated from veterinary school almost 30 years ago, the Internet did not exist. I believe we had the ability to dial up and connect computers through modems, but not much more. For many of us, affordable personal computers were at least five years away. But when the Internet came along, there also came a whole new face to practicing veterinary medicine. We are now able to tap into the expertise of world-renowned experts, as well as access the most up-to-date information and research. What a incredible gift!

When people first mentioned “the web” to me, I immediately thought of spiders. The idea that computers and people could be linked to each other via this “web” was unbelievable. And as this web grew and people turned to it for news, information searches and businesses, it became a natural next step for me as a small animal veterinarian and owner of the Henrietta Animal Hospital.

Fifteen years ago, my hospital was one of the first in the Rochester area to have its own website. Admittedly, its appearance was, shall we say, “rustic” at best. Six years ago, we updated our website to include some interesting changes, allowing clients to interact, post comments and view their pets staying at our Pet Lodge on live webcams. I’m proud to say that this was another first in the Rochester area!

As time passed, this site became antiquated as well. And for our next website evolution, we wanted something that not only differentiated us from other small animal practices, but represented me as a veterinarian. I wanted it to demonstrate our devotion to helping sick animals, our advocacy efforts against cruelty, and our consistent efforts to better ourselves as practitioners. I hope you like not only what you see, but also enjoy the site’s functionality. I’m very proud of our new website, and encourage you to peruse its pages. It was truly a labor of love.

My thanks to web designer Deborah Tretter, public relations specialist Amy Blum, and my staff for countless hours of design, editing and testing new waters.

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