• Michelle Brownstein


The Mother and 3 kittens arrived some 15 years ago to escape certain euthanasia at Lollipop Farm (aka Greater Rochester Humane Society). Surprisingly, the Mother cat was adopted before the kitten and quickly named Velma.

All but the smallest went off to their forever homes. The tiny black and white fur ball was so small she could squeeze through the bars in her display cage…and was often found wandering the hospital. My young son pleaded with me to take her home and keep her. I melted and gave in. Naming was difficult and her first name was Pikachu after the Japanese Pokemon character. But, Princess just seemed to suit her and she settled in nicely to run our house with its myriad of Welsh Corgis and her superior feline, Gershwin. They coexisted nicely, except when a rare intruder was “fostered” indefinitely. She would hiss and sulk but eventually as is typical of many cats, blatantly ignored the new guest.

She slept with my son every night and rarely ventured into my rooms to mingle with her inferior friends, the dogs. She was just above all that nonsense..the drooling, the panting, the endless,mindless ball chasing.

Princess never had a sick day in her life. She developed upper respiratory tract signs of sneezing soon after a litter of strays came in from NYC, all with viral URI’s. We treated her, but she got worse, A feline specialist was consulted. We tried everything until it was clear there was something more malignant…a tumor invading her nasal cavity.

Princess put up a heroic fight but last night we decided it was time to let her go peacefully and free her of the pain that racked her little body. I am sure she is at the Rainbow Bridge with her old pal Gershwin…running the show from her pedestal.

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