Hospice Care

Veterinary Hospice is about facilitating healthy living and graceful aging for the animals who enhance our lives.


Traditional veterinary medicine does little to accommodate pets that are coming to the end of their lives. The decision to euthanize one’s companion is never easy.

Henrietta Animal Hospital is honored to provide a hospice unit. Our goals are simple; we want to be able to counsel our clients about their pet’s overall medical condition and long-term prognosis, review the options and determine what needs can or cannot be met for the patient.


We target pain control, nutrition, hygiene, and hydration while the owners can take time to assess their options. Companions are almost always sent home in the evening where they can be surrounded by their family.

How do I know it’s time for hospice?
If you answer yes to any of these questions, you could benefit from a consultation about hospice care for your pet.
  • Does your pet have difficulty moving around with ease?

  • Does your pet have trouble keeping him or herself clean or do you have trouble keeping your pet clean?

  • Has your pet shown a lack of interest in things or activities formerly enjoyed?

  • Have your pet’s eating or drinking habits changed?

  • Has there been a change in your pet’s weight or body condition?

  • Has your pet been diagnosed with a chronic or terminal disease?

  • Do you as a caretaker worry about your pet’s life journey coming to an end?

  • Do you have questions about end-of-life decisions for your pet?

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